One to One Training

Here we cover basic obedience and then tailor the lesson to suit you and your dog's requirements. One hourly sessions can be booked on weekdays including evenings. Just call Chris or Sandra for more information.

Group Training
There are many benefits for training in groups including socialisation, steadiness and working with distractions. The groups are designed for pet gundogs to learn the skills of the working dog.
Puppy/beginner classes

Puppy/beginner classes
Start the correct way right from the beginning. A course of 6 weekly sessions of basic training and socialisation through play to start your puppy on the road to gundog training. A course of 6 lessons £42 on Sunday mornings. 

Novice Classes
Basic obedience, off lead control, whistle work, recall, sit and stay. Retrieving and hunting skills. Good manners around other dogs and people. Classes held on Sunday mornings fortnightly (see news page for dates) at 10.00am. Fee £7 per session.

Advanced classes
Advanced retrieving and hunting skills enabling dogs to enter the shooting field or working tests. Directional control, stop whistle, steady to game. Classes held on Sunday mornings at 11.30pm. Fee £7 per session

Minor breeds and crossbreeds welcome.

Please contact us for more information