The Purbeck Team is led by Christine Walton  She has a wealth of experience of gundog and companion dog training.

Christine is a qualified teacher with ADTB and is a member of the Guild of Dog Trainers. She is continually developing her career as a dog trainer in obedience classes she runs at a local hall in Christchurch. She currently has two working spaniels and three Labrador Retrievers . 

The team also include Sandra Blake an experienced trainer. She has a love of animals and works in a local veterinary clinic. She currently has four spaniels and enjoys training, working and competing with them.

Mick Fowler also helps with training the retriever dogs. He works his own chocolate lab together with his spaniel.  He has a great sense of humor and is fun to train with.

Wendy Brown is a relatively new comer and has been learning to be a dog trainer with Christine.  She is naturally talented and has a spaniel and young Labrador. 

We provide gundog training for all gundog breeds, working or pet dogs, from complete beginners to more advanced handlers.